Discord rejects a $12 billion deal from Microsoft

When it comes to one of the best chat platforms, Discord is one of the first names that you will think about. Discord has been one of the top preferences of online streamers and gamers to chat with other people while playing. Recently, there was news that Microsoft is bidding $12 billion for Discord, but there was no official confirmation if the bidding went successful. However, Discord Inc. has now confirmed that they have rejected the bid from Microsoft and are focusing on the public listing which is going to be much better for their platform in the future. 

Discord has not specifically confirmed that reason behind the rejection, and recently Twitter has also shown interest in buying the Discord platform. There have been many other companies as well, which have shown a huge interest in buying Discord, and the value of Discord has been marked somewhere around $15 to $18 billion. Discord has also started focusing on new features for the platform where instead of just game-specific chat, it can also become a common chat platform for people. 

It has seen a huge increase in the number of users during the pandemic, increasing its user base and overall value. Similarly, Discord was also in talks with companies like Amazon and Epic Games. They were also reportedly offered $19.6 billion by Nuance Communications Inc. Although Discord has many deals on its table, it may take a while before selecting the best company as per their requirements and might try to strike a deal where they could value it for more than $20 billion.


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