A new entry-level $100 e-reader by Kobo

While Kobo has been trying to compete with its competitor Amazon for a long time now, it has recently launched a new E-reader to compete with Amazon’s Kindle lineup. The new model is called Kobo Nia, and it is an entry-level E-reader, which has been made more affordable with a six-inch screen 1,024 x 758 Carta E Ink display. The screen will come with the patented Kobo’s ComfortLight front lighting to make the reading experience much more pleasant. The E-reader will weigh around 172 grams and come with 8GB of onboard storage and 1000 mAh battery, which the company claims can run for weeks on a single charge.

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The product has been placed and priced by Kobo between the $90 Amazon Kindle and #130 Paperwhite. The advantage for Kobo Nia is the price of $100 and a much better and easy on eyes screen, which offers a 212 PPI resolution as compared to 167 PPI resolution in Kindle. Currently, Kobo offers 4 E-readers, which are $120 Clara HD, water-resistant models Libra H20, which is around $170, and Forma models for $250. Now the Kobo Nia is the fourth one in the lineup and is expected to match many E-reader users’ preferences. The E-reader will start shipping from July 21, and the company is currently accepting pre-orders for the device.

When compared to the Amazon E-reader series, it does provide a lot of value for money and is only $10 expensive than the Kindle; it seems to provide a much better experience in reading E-books. The reader also supports Amazon’s Overdrive, which would allow the user to borrow books from anywhere. If you are looking for an alternative to Amazon Kindle, this is a perfect replacement for it and would be a worthy contender to Amazon E-reader.


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