eBuyNow is going to launch three new Motorola smartwatch this year

The latest news that is coming in the smartwatch industry is that eBuyNow, the current licensee for Motorola-branded smartwatches is going to launch a new series of smartwatches in the market soon. They are expected to launch three different smartwatches along with new features and designs. Two of these smartwatches are going to have an attractive round design and the third one is going to have a square dial design. Now, the specification for Moto Watch One, which is one of the three smartwatches, has surfaced online. 

The specs also come with a leaked image, which is said to be the image for Moto Watch One smartwatch. The photos were posted on Reddit and show the underside of the Moto Watch One. What is visible from the image is the two physical buttons and a quick-release strap mechanism. The undersigned of the watch also reveals that the company will be using a Snapdragon 4100 processor to power the device. and will also have features like NFC, 5 ATM waterproof rating, and GPS. The image also provides a glimpse of a visible charging coil inside the smartwatch, which confirms the availability of a wireless charging feature. 

YouTube video

The smartwatch is said to be a premium category device and is going to compete in the premium smartwatch segment. The company will also be launching two other smartwatches in the market which will be aimed at the budget and mid-range segment of the market. It is expected that eBuyNow will announce the smartwatches in the month of June this year and one of the three devices in July.

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