Elon Musk to webcast a working brain-computer Chip for Human-AI symbiosis on Friday

Elon Musk has a habit of creating and working on new technology that seems only possible in movies and animation and one such technology that he is currently working on is a working brain computer chip for Human-AI symbiosis. The technology will soon be demonstrated this week during a live presentation from his mysterious Neuralink startup. The company Neuralink was founded in 2016 by the billionaire to integrate human brain and AI technology to accomplish unimaginative tasks. 

The company only had one event till now where it showed a sewing machine-like device, which is capable of stitching threads into a person’s head. As per the billionaire, the integration and implant of chips in the human brain will be similar to what a Lasik laser eye surgery is, and will be performed by a robot for accuracy and precision. The working brain chip will be unveiled on a live webcast at 3PM(PT) on Friday. Elon Musk also said that the surgery will also get easier, similar to Lasik laser surgery in the coming years. He also mentioned that the live webcast will show neurons firing in real time. 

The technology has already been tested on animals and the results have proven to be very optimistic. After the webcast the company will also open itself for human trials. As per the billionaire, technology could help us to heal various brain related issues and other mental issues. It would also allow the humans to hear beyond normal frequencies and amplitudes.

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