Enhancing Video Editing Capabilities on Chromebooks with LumaFusion and Google Photos

Last year, Google Photos released extensive video editing tools for Chromebooks, considerably enhancing the ChromeOS platform. Furthermore, the recent release of LumaFusion for ChromeOS and Android has improved video editing capabilities on Chromebooks. The Google Photos team has launched additional video editing options, including preset formats and themes for the latest Chromebooks, to facilitate personalized movie-making from photographs and video clips.

These new features use Google Photos’ previous connection with the ChromeOS Gallery app, and Photos will eventually be able to edit files, including photographs or videos. According to a recent Google support page post, the newly introduced movie production tools allow users to choose from pre-suggested themes or create their own by picking specific films and photos from the Gallery or Files app.

Enter “movie” into the ChromeOS launcher search box to access Google Photos and choose your editing style. When you select the suggested themes option, you can select a topic and the people or animals you want to see in your personalized movie. This feature is ostensibly intended to catch the “most meaningful moments” in a long film, saving you the time it would take to search for them manually.
While this function allows anyone to create video segments from their existing media library easily, Google also provides an option to build a movie that appears more autonomous. This is good for video editors seeking greater creative control over their output. Google offers a separate support website for ChromeOS users that explains how to use the newly added functionality.

According to rumors, Google intends to update ChromeOS to Material You and support Android 13 rather than Android 11. With the Android version upgrade, the new dynamic theming engine on ChromeOS, which Android 11 does not help, would be able to function uniformly across all apps.

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