European Union thinking about imposing a universal charger

All the users who have been using iPhones understand that they would require a completely different charger with the lightning port to charge their device. However, the same is not the case in Android smartphones as most of them are using the common USB-C port connectors for charging. Apple has been using different connectors and chargers since the beginning which also makes up for their market for iPhone accessories. However, it seems that the scenario is soon to change in the EU.

The European Union has confirmed that it will soon be bringing out a new regulation that will impose a universal charger for all smartphones. Although it will not affect Android users a lot it is widely going to affect Apple as they have been using different connector cables for a long time now. The European Union says that using a common charger will cut down on electronic waste. However, Apple mentions that it will cut down on innovation and will create more pollution as well. The EU executive vice president Margrethe Vestager said that the people are frustrated with the incompatible chargers piling up with them.

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A decade back, the scenario was different as there were plenty of different charger options for every company, but now the chargers can basically be divided into three major categories which are Apple lighting cable, Micro-USB, and USB-C chargers. As per the EU, consumers are spending more than 2.4 billion euros annually and such changes will help reduce the spending. Also, Apple has been trying to make the legislative body understand how the change would be unwarranted and totally not required.


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