Facebook coming up with new Oculus

After Facebook took over Oculus VR Inc. in 2014, Facebook will be adding some revolutionary technology and feature to integrate it with Facebook experience. However, the company till now has launched two new standalone VR headsets with the latest one powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and has OLED displays with 1440×1600 resolution per eye and a refresh rate of 72Hz.

New images have been leaked for a new revamped version of Quest VR with a 90Hz display. The leaked images were posted by leaker @h0x0d (also known as WalkingCat). The device is said to have a refreshed look and the same touch controller configuration. Another difference in the VR headset is the change in the power switch position, which is now on the right side and USB C and headphone jack cable, which is now on the left side. 

As per rumors, it is expected that the new Oculus Quest can be released on September 15.

Also, four new images of the device were posted on Reddit. However, there is no confirmation it is the new Oculus Quest. The new Oculus Quest is said to be lighter than the previous version and smaller in size as well. The company was reported to be working on prototypes with 120Hz display, but it seems that the new device will be capped with a 90Hz display to conserve on battery. Haptic feedback, touch controller, tracking, and response time is also said to be better in this version. Until the official announcements, we will have to wait for the official spec on Oculus Quest.

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