Facebook has created a team to work on Metaverse

When Facebook thinks of creating a virtual space for people, it would surely be something that no one has experienced before. Now the company is creating a new product and has already assembled a team for the same. The new product called “metaverse” as per Facebook will be a virtual world where regardless of the device, one can communicate with each other. As per the CEO Mark Zuckerberg, it can be thought of as the embodiment of the Internet where the user is in the content rather than simply watching it, as on Facebook. 

The company has invested a lot of time and resources in things like virtual and augmented reality for a long time to create something better to offer for the users. Their VR headset Oculus and VR gaming studio BigBox VR shows the commitment that Facebook has towards this project. As per Mark Zuckerberg, if the project runs as expected, then Facebook will more popularly be known as a metaverse company than a social media company. Facebook is trying to create the product totally on a new platform, which is nothing similar to what one can experience on Facebook. 

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The platform will add a new way for users to communicate with each other and will also be a lot more interactive than Facebook currently is. Nothing more has been told about this platform for now, but it can be expected that Facebook would make a major announcement in the coming months about the metaverse. Once it is announced, it will be interesting to see the kind of internet services it provides.


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