Facebook on creating a new smartwatch

When it comes to smart devices and especially companies that have been making smartphones, almost every company has created its own smartphone to provide seamless connectivity to users across devices. It seems that now a non-smartphone-based company is entering into the smartwatch arena. Facebook Inc has been reportedly building a new kind of smartwatch for the users which will let them send messages and also offer health and fitness features. The company is planning to launch the smartwatch device next year in the market and would compete directly with the Apple Watch. 

The smartwatch is expected to come with a cellular connectivity option through which the watch can be used to send messages on Facebook and do other activities without the use of a smartphone. Using the watch, users will also be able to connect to health and fitness companies, such as Peloton Interactive, etc. Facebook is currently neither denying nor accepting the rumors about the smartwatch but it seems that the reports about it are genuine and we can soon see some more details about the smartwatch that they have been trying to develop. 

A request was made by Reuters to comment on these rumors, but Facebook has not responded to any of them yet. We do hope that we get to see some renders and more leak details about the watch in the future. The watch made by Facebook is expected to have some really unique features related to a Facebook platform that will not be available elsewhere.

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