Facebook and Instagram to get end-to-end encryption by 2023

One of the core features of WhatsApp has been the end-to-end encryption which makes the messages safe and no one expects the users are able to read the message. Since WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook, the company has been trying to add the same encryption method to Facebook Messenger and Instagram as well. At the same time, Facebook or Meta has been trying to make cross-platform messages on all three platforms possible in the future.

As per the previous announcement made by Meta, the users could have expected end-to-end encryption on Facebook and Instagram by early 2022. However, as per the new report, the feature has been delayed till the year 2023. Also, from 2023 onwards, the UK’s Online Safety bill will be implemented which requires an online platform like Facebook to keep children away from any harm and take prompt action on abusive content. Due to this, the implementation of the encryption feature has been delayed to 2023.

As per Antigone Davis, who is Meta’s head of safety, the company will be using encrypted and unencrypted data across the apps. The data like account information, reports, etc will be collected from the users to help keep them safe on their online platform. It is not the only feature, Meta has been trying to get from WhatsApp to Messenger and Instagram. Infact, the company has been trying to integrate the messaging services on all three platforms into one and add features like online payments and cross-platform video calls as well.


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