Facebook looking to capitalize on the gaming industry boom in India

Online gaming is the next big thing in the global market where almost all the industry leaders have been trying to lay their hands on. The Indian market is currently the third-largest when it comes to gameplay sessions in a particular time frame, which shows how fast this industry is growing. Companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft have already made their move and it seems that now Facebook is going to take a giant leap in this category as well. A top executive from Facebook confirmed that Facebook is looking to capitalize on the boom in the gaming industry that India has been noticing recently.

As per Facebook, the boom started during the time of the pandemic, and ever since that time, the industry has been growing at an exponential rate. The industry is set up to grow triple in size in the next couple of years and almost every company wants a piece of this cake. Facebook has been trying to improve its gaming experience for the last couple of years and has also provided support for devices like Oculus, cloud gaming platforms, and more. They already have collaboration with gaming studios and are looking for more partners that can help to create games that are specifically created for their platform.

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They have also launched a dedicated gaming app last year, known as Facebook Gaming and since then they have been giving it a lot of focus to reach a new audience. They have also been working with many creators to increase the audience on their game streaming platform. Using the streams on Facebook, the creators can earn from the ads and on-demand content as well.

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