Facebook adding a new “Suggested Posts” feature to Instagram.

Facebook has already been adding a lot of new features in the last few months to Instagram and now they have released other features that will never let the user run out of content. The new “Suggested Posts” feature will make you scroll down the feed even longer than before. The feature will be added to the platform today and the users will be able to see. The feature will be visible at the end of the feed, once you have completed looking at the updated from your friend and family within your friend list.

It will replace the normal message of “You’re all caught up” after which you saw the older post. The suggested post feature will add more posts to watch from depending on your browsing history and will also have ads. To make sure that the suggested post does not come up again, you can simply tap on the three dots that will be available on the top of the suggested post and select “not interested“. The feature cannot be removed, but these choices of removing it and viewing it will improve Instagram’s algorithm in adding only those suggested posts which are of your interest.

facebook suggested feature

As per the details shared by Engadget, the feature seems to be taken from TikTok, which used a similar approach for people to check out new posts and accounts to connect with. The option of Explore on Instagram does the same things where you can find new accounts but, it is normally something no users use frequently.

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