Facebook, now Meta, is working on two new smartwatches

The rumors about a smartwatch from Facebook have been up for the last year. However, no certain details about the smartwatch have appeared online till now. FaceBook or now Meta, might be designing a new product as well. It is expected that the company might be working on two new smartwatch designs at the same, and one of them could be the Meta smartwatch. It is expected that the meta smartwatch will come with a rectangular dial and might come with a detachable display.

On the other hand, the second smartwatch can come with a circular dial and will have three in-built cameras. The patents for the smartwatch were released by World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). It shows that the rectangular watch is not going to have any button or crown to operate and will be completely touch-controlled. The patent for the second smartwatch shows three cameras in the front, which includes the main telephoto lens, ultrawide lens, and a fisheye or soon lens.

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The bezels on the smartwatch will rotate to use the different camera lenses. Both the smartwatches will be designed in such a way that they are able to work with the AR and VR systems that Meta is working on. It could also be used as an input device while interesting with a VR platform. Apart from this, it will also have regular fitness features to measure oxygen level, heart rate, and SPO2 levels. Both the smartphone could launch in the second quarter of the year and will be interesting to see what Meta offers.

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