Facebook is rebranding itself from social media brand to a multiverse

Facebook is one of the biggest brand names in the world and has gone through many changes over the period of years. However, it might be planning to make one of the biggest changes ever to the company. Facebook is planning to rebrand its business that focuses majorly on metaverse. The announcement can be made by Mark Zuckerberg at the Connect conference of Facebook on October 28. Facebook is originally known as a social platform company and they simply want to change the focus from that to something that covers a lot of different business aspects. 

Although it has not been confirmed by Facebook till now, neither are they denying it, it is almost confirmed that it will be done at the conference. As per Facebook, metaverse would allow the users to live, work and do a lot more in the virtual world, and in the years to come, the company would see a transition from a social media company to a metaverse company. Currently, Facebook is going through a lot of scrutiny and allegations from activists, lawmakers, and more. 

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The lawmakers and activists claim that the company has not been able to moderate the content on their platform the way they should have and other platforms owned by Facebook, like Instagram have a lot of negative mental effects on users’ mental health. The news came to light a few months back where Facebook confirmed their major focus on metaverse and finally, they are going forward with making it their primary platform.

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