Facebook start cloud gaming services through a web app on iOS

Facebook has been trying to diversify and step into multiple platforms. This time, they have entered the online gaming platform through cloud gaming on iOS devices through web apps. Unlike Amazon and Google, they have not been publishing about this as much and have suddenly launched the services online. Since it is the future of gaming as per many experts and companies, it is the best time for Facebook to enter the market and show its dominance. 

Although they have launched on the web app, it will not be available through the App Store due to pricing issues, which has been the major point for many cloud-based gaming services like Google and Amazon, which has made them avoid the App Store for their service launch. Using the web app, the iPhone users can add the web shortcut on the home screen of the device and access it from there just like an app. The major reason for avoiding the App Store is the 30% commission for each game on the App store which practically made no sense for the companies. 

Facebook is also adding a “How to Start video” for users who want to try their cloud-based gaming services. A similar web platform will also be adopted by Microsoft and Amazon to launch similar services on iOS. For now, you can try the Facebook cloud gaming services on the iOS device through a web app and let us know in the comment about your experience. Facebook also confirmed that they will be adding a lot more games on the platform regularly.


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