New Fake Telegram app malware spotted, users alerted by cyber security firm

When it comes to popular messaging apps, Telegram is one of the most popular ones along with WhatsApp. Telegram has been a direct competition for WhatsApp and even excels in some of the areas when it comes to features. However, just like any other popular app in the market, even Telegram is too unknown to hackers and cyber-attacks. With the increase in digitization and technology upgrades, malware attacks and scams have also been increasing. 

Recently, a new warning has been issued by cyber security researchers for Telegram users which alerts them against the hacking of devices and PCs through Windows-based malware. The malware is delivered through a fake Telegram Messenger app installer. The big thing about the malware is that it will remain undetected by the antivirus software and will download malicious files on the system without the users even being able to know about it. The reports for the same were published by Minerva Labs claiming that a fake Telegram App is being used to hack PCs. 

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The malware has been named the Purple Fox malware and is known to put user information at high risk. Since it can easily evade the antivirus system, it has a very low chance of being detected. The malware was first found in 2018 and has rootkit capabilities that can affect the internal files of an operating system. Most of the time the malware is sent through SMS, e-mails, and more. Therefore, users are expected not to download any such fake Telegram app without verifying the link or sender.


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