Files on Google Drive can now also be accessed in offline mode

One of the biggest advantages of Google Drive is the amount of backup it provides with seamless services. The same has also been used to back up files from the system and backup the complete data on the smartphones. However, the services of Google Drive can only be used when the user is online and has an internet connection. In 2019, Google started working on a new feature that allowed the Google Drive users to use file types like PDF, image, and other Microsoft Office Documents and view them even when they are offline. 

The feature had been under development for a long time and it has now finally been launched for users. The feature will be rolled out in phases and in a few weeks, it will be available to all Google Drive users. To use the feature, one simply has to right-click on any file or item on their Google Drive and select the option “available offline“. Once done, these can be used on the PC through Drive’s web-based portal. 

A similar feature has also been made available for Chrome OS users where they will be able to use Docs, Sheets, and Slides offline through the Files app. Chrome OS users will not have to activate the “available offline” option in the drive to use this feature. The feature will be available to all the Drive users and personal or business accounts. Google has confirmed that the feature will be available to all the users by September 14.

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