Fitbit Charge 5 launched in India with an enhanced app experience for premium users

When it comes to the market of fitness trackers, Fitbit is one of the most reputed and popular names. The company has recently launched a new fitness tracker in the Indian market, named Charge 5. The fitness tracker has been launched at a price tag of Rs 14,999 and will be available for sale through their official India website. The smart wearable has been created for users who are looking for a premium device with new and improved features.

The device will not only provide the users with a premium smartwatch experience but will also provide a new experience with the health-related apps. Fitbit seems to have come into partnership with app companies like Calm, the #1 App for Sleep, Meditation, and Relaxation, which is provided in-app for the Fitbit premium members. It would focus more on the quality of sleep and relaxation that the user is supposed to have.

Fitbit claims that the users will be able to see the results on their heart rate and EDA responses through the sessions in these apps. The wearable also comes with a better microphone that will be used to monitor their ambient noise levels and things like snoring sounds when sleeping. The sound analysis on this device has been customized in order to track the health and rest levels of the users. Apart from these, the company will be adding more apps that would provide a personalized experience with partnership and will be available for all the premium members.

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