Flipkart acquires travel aggregator Cleartrip

When it comes to online travel aggregators, Cleartrip has been one of the most recognized names in the Indian market. However, the last few years and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, left the company dry. The Walmart-owned company has now been acquired by e-commerce giant Flipkart, which was announced by Flipkart on Thursday. The amount for which the company has been acquired has not been disclosed by both companies. 

However, it seems like Twitter is filling up with a lot of goodbyes and farewell messages for the company. Cleartrip acknowledged all the farewell messages and said that the incorporation of product design and experience to the travel segment is what made Cleartrip more popular and since 2007, it has been following the same concept, further improving it over time. While checking out Twitter, it was found that all the customers and users of Cleartrip were actually very happy with the type of interface and easy booking experience they had with Cleartrip. 

Now, the agreement states that although Flipkart will be acquiring the company and taking over all its operations, it will still allow Cleartrip to work as a separate brand as it was before. As per the agreement, all the employees of Cleartrip have been retained as well. With Flipkart into the picture, we can definitely hope to see many more additions to the platform with more focus on providing a better user experience. At the same time, the company will also be looking to expand its base in the market of travel aggregators.


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