New Font style “Chirp” on Twitter causing headaches to users

Twitter has recently been making a lot of minor improvements to their platform which makes the experience of the user better. Recently they added a new font style to Twitter, known as Chirp. This was introduced to the platform to bring a change in the appearance of the platform for the users. Although it was meant to bring a change in the look and many users did appreciate it, there were a lot of complaints related to it as well. 

The most common issue that the users were complaining about is the headache caused due to looking at this font. The new font Chirp comes with high contrast colors, which might be one of the reasons why users were experiencing headaches. As per the official statement from Twitter, they have tested the font and they do realize that people are taking time to get used to it. However, most of the users have given a very positive response to the change of fonts. They will further be working on the new fonts and will make them better for users. 

They have also mentioned a lot of details about the new font style on Twitter explaining the need for it and how the new font will be more focused and unique. Although many users think that changing the font should have been an option for the users instead of just applying them to the platform. The same high contrast definition has also been added to the buttons visible on Twitter and received almost the same feedback from the users.


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