Future Chromebooks are meant to run on new AMD silicon

Ever since the Chromebook has appeared in the market alongside laptops powered by Windows and Mac, Google has been trying to make the Chromebooks as competitive and feature-rich. Google has been updating the hardware for its Chromebooks regularly to make sure that the performance increases with every version. Now news has appeared that Google will be launching a new version of Chromebooks which will be powered using AMD silicon. 

The details were provided by 91mobiles, which revealed some key specs of the new Chromebooks. The codename given to these Chromebooks is Zork and will be powered by AMD silicon, which will be using dual-core quad-thread Ryzen 3 3250C topping out at 3.5GHz. It will also have 4GB of RAM and a Radeon Vega 3 GPU at 1.2GHz. The Chromebook for which the details have been leaked seems to be running on Android 9, however, we will see Chrome OS running on the device when it is finally launched. 

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The screen of the new Chromebook will offer 1,920 x 1,080 resolution with a pixel density of 160 PPI, and the screen size will be 14-inches. The specs on this device are not a Pixelbook, which is Google’s premium notebook offering in the market, but one thing is clear that the future of Chromebooks will be powered using a much better AMD hardware. There are currently no details as to when the new series of Chromebooks will make their entry into the market. However, it is expected that the new Chromebook can be launched next year.

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