Galaxy Z Flip 5: Rumors of a Larger Cover Display and Improved Hinge

Samsung is gearing up to launch its new lineup of foldable devices, which are still under wraps. While there is no official word on the upcoming devices, there are rumors that the Galaxy Z Flip 5 could be Samsung’s most idealized folding phone yet. Leaks from earlier this month suggested that the Z Flip 5 could have a larger cover display with an always-on feature. Now, a new leak has shown off an unusual design, with the display rumored to resemble the shape of a tabbed folder.

The latest leak supports the idea that the display won’t just grow in size, but will also take a unique shape. Prominent leaker Ice Universe shared a render that shows the display resembling a tabbed folder, but the dimensions are not specified. Previous leaks suggested that it could be between 3-4 inches, which is a significant improvement compared to the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s exterior screen of only 1.34 inches. This limited the multitasking capabilities of the device, allowing users to only check notifications and accept calls.

However, with a bigger display, battery life could become a concern for the Galaxy Z Flip 5. In our review of the Galaxy Z Flip 4, we found that the battery endurance was mediocre, even with a smaller exterior display.

In addition to a larger exterior screen, Samsung could also improve the Galaxy Z Flip 5’s hinge. Reports suggest that its larger sibling, the Galaxy Z Fold 5, will replace its hinge with one similar to Oppo’s foldable phones, which allows it to be folded shut without leaving a gap between the top and bottom halves of the display.

The official launch of Samsung’s new foldable devices is expected to take place at Unpacked this summer, and we can expect more leaks to surface, providing additional information about the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5.

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