Germany to implement new laws, forcing smartphone makers to provide seven years of updates.

When it comes to the difference between Android and iOS, one of the major ones is the support that comes with it. While Apple is providing 7 years of updates for their iPhone, which is still running in smartphones like the iPhone 6 and 6S, Android smartphones only come with 3 years of updates and four years of security updates. Recently, the European Union has suggested that the laws regarding the same should be changed and all the smartphone OEMs should be made to provide at least 5 years of security updates to the devices, including the reasonably priced spare parts for the same duration of time. 

The laws have not been updated yet and will soon be applied in the future. However, the German Federal Government seems to have announced the same plans with an extension of two more years. As per the official details from the spokesperson for Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economics, the OEM’s will now have to face stricter laws where they will have to provide seven years of updates and spare parts with the same price throughout time, without increasing the rates. 

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The German Federal Government is looking to implement the law as soon as possible and will also reduce the repair time and maximum delivery of the smartphone after repair to just 5 days. The details can change at the time when the new law is implemented. However, these changes are going to be a lot more beneficial for smartphone customers and users.

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