Get ready for the Pokemon Go Fest 2020

Pokemon is one of the most popular and one of the highest-earning franchises globally when it comes to animation and games. One of the most popular games in the franchise if Pokemon Go created a big hype with the launch globally and still has millions of users online every time. For all the Pokemon fans, the Pokemon Go fest 2020 will be beginning in the United States. One of the most interesting factors in the game is the Friendship hour, which is one of 5 rotating habitats that define Pokémon GO Fest 2020.

Friendship hour can yield one of the game’s most coveted items: rare candies, which can become candy for any Pokémon. However, any gift a player receives only needs to be open in the friendship hour, only then will they get any rewards in the game. If opened otherwise, it will be a waste of that gift as it does not provide any things worthwhile in the game. The entire game has been structured for each hour, and within that hour, the trainer or the player has to complete a certain challenge and make sure that they claim the bonus. When unlocked, the player can use the bonus for the remaining hour.

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Therefore, the player needs to make sure that all gifts are sent at the beginning of hours and wait to open it until the bonus is unlocked. Once done, open the gift for more surprises. The global event has already taken place in other cities like New Zealand and Australia, and the event will only be open for the ticket holders, so make sure to grab your ticket right now.


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