Gigabyte launches new mid-range gaming laptops with AMD’s Ryzen processors

When it comes to Gigabyte, they have been knowing to offer customers some of the best gaming hardware or specifically laptops in the market. However, it has been a lot of time since the company has released a premium flagship gaming laptop. Gigabyte has now unveiled a new range of mid-range gaming laptops in the market, which has mainly been aimed at a younger crowd. As per their official press announcement, “Gigabyte Gaming series target Gen Z and Millennial users, by offering up machines built for ‘multitasking’ and meeting multiple needs at once, whether it’s learning, commerce, gaming or content creation.” 

The two laptops that have been launched are the A5 and A7 which will be powered using AMD’s Ryzen mobile processors, which is the Ryzen 5000H mobile series. The laptops would also include Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX 3000 series graphic card. The laptops will be starting from a range of $999 and $1,399. The specs offered on the laptop is great and provides excellent performance and great battery life as well. 

The laptop will also come equipped with either a 144Hz or 240Hz display and will have the GIgabyte’s Windforce cooling system as well which has anti-turbulence inclined fans and ultra-quiet PWM fan along with pure copper heat pipe. The overall specification of the laptops and the price they have been offered at with the Intel 10th generation processors provides the laptops balanced performance and a great value for money. The laptop will be made available by the end of February in the market.


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