Google adding a Guest mode to Nest devices

Google has been focusing a lot on the Nest devices and how people could use it to use all the Google Services through it. In the same effort, the company has added a new Guest Model to Nest Smart Displays and speakers. The feature is said to boost privacy features. By enabling the guest mode, the interactions with Google Assistant will not be saved in the account and in audio recording. The voice commands given in the guest mode will automatically be deleted.

The guest mode will not interrupt any features of the device and will continue to work as usual through voice commands. However, the personal results like the events, contact, calendar, and other details are automatically disabled in the guest mode to make sure that no one else could access them. Users can simply use the voice command, “Hey Google, turn on Guest Mode” to activate the feature, which will be initiated with a special chime sound and blank profile picture.

YouTube video

You can also confirm from Google Assistant if the guest mode is on, by using the, “Is the Guest mode on?” voice command. The feature has been added to the device looking at how the guest coming in at your home will be able to use the device for basic functions that anyone can have access to. The company will be rolling out the feature today in the English language, with support for more languages and devices planned for the coming months.

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