Google and Instagram brings a new shopping portal

Online shopping has been one of the most profitable businesses in the last couple of years, where consumers have preferred purchasing items from the ease of their home. Following the same trend, Google and Instagram are also launching their online shopping e-commerce platform this week. The online shop from both is meant to encourage consumers to buy online from home, rather than prevent any risk of infection in a pandemic. The e-commerce platform has a great UI for easy navigation and will provide the customers with an engaging experience.

Instagram has recently introduced the online shop known as “Instagram Shop” in the Instagram app’s Explore tab. It makes it very easy for brands and creators to reach customers through Instagram. The app user needs to check for (>>) this sign to check out the available products. The stores will have products related to current trends and be a place for exclusive launches for many companies and creators. The feature has been launched in the US, which will be made available to other countries as well. Customers will also be able to use Facebook Pay for payment mode, and it will also provide biometric and PIN security options for an added layer of security.

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Similarly, Google has introduced the new Shoploop app in its experimental workshop. The app is said to be more engaging than just scrolling or checking the images. The product video catalog will be 90 seconds to help the customer discover the product. It also helps to provide a review from people who have bought the items or are knowledgeable about it.

The application will be entirely focused on content creators and publishers for now, who will include makeup, skincare, hair, and nail items. Google aims to provide a complete real-life experience to the users that they get from the product in a shop. Both the shopping platforms are created to provide a unique experience that no other shopping application has provided until now. 


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