Google announces Pixel Pass bundle in Pixel fall event

Google Pixel 6 smartphone series has been launched by Google and along with it, they have also launched the all-new Google Pixel Pass. Now Google Pixel Pass is a monthly subscription, where the users will be able to get a bundle of premium Google apps that can be used on Pixel 6 smartphones. The bundle would include the latest device, device protection, and regular device upgrades. The program is applicable for Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro and would come with an extended warranty and 200GB of Google One storage.

It would also include other Google services like Youtube Premium and Google Play Pass. It also brings Preferred Care coverage to cover accidents and provides hassle-free repairs for the device. The Pixel Pass would come at a price tag of $45 per month when purchased with Pixel 6 and $55 when purchased with Pixel 6 Pro. It can be purchased from Google Store and Google Fi. As per Google, the Pixel users will be able to save more than $294 in two years with this bundle.

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However, the bundle is currently available in the US only and is up for pre-orders. Users will also get certain Google Store discounts and offline playback ability from Youtube Premium and Youtube Music Premium. If the user wants to cancel the subscription, they can simply pay the remaining amount of the phone and cancel the subscription. The plan is actually very similar to Apple One and tries to provide maximum features with the smartphone purchase. They are also offering an upgrade program for existing Pixel users.


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