Google app crashing for users after a recent update

A recent update for the Google app through Playstore has been leading it to crash on multiple devices and the issue is common across several countries. The issue was first reported on the Reddit forums and Twitter where the customer seemed to have a buggy update for Google which not only crashed the Google App but also caused malfunction in the Google Assistant and Google Lens. 

The issue is not limited to a particular country and updating the app to update number seems to have started the problem. The issue has not yet been acknowledged by Google and there is currently no fix for the same. As per the update from the  users on social media, the app keeps giving a message that “Google keeps stopping” and the app crashes. The only option users get for the same is to close the application or send the feedback. Many users have also tried to reboot their app, but that does not seem to resolve the issue in any way. 

There was a reply by Google on the Twitter post where it mentioned that a soft reboot might help to solve the issue. While it did help some of the users, the issue remained the same on many. Another option that many users have suggested is to uninstall the update which is causing the issue by going into Settings>Apps>Google and then uninstall the updates. Google has been informed about the same through multiple platforms and we can soon expect a quick resolution for all the users


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