Google Assistant will now prioritize your task as per the time of day.

Google’s Assistant is one of the best AI assistants there is, and the company is consistently working on new features to make it even better than before. In the same attempt, the company has added a bunch of new features, which will make Google Assistant focus on the important task as per the time. The AI assistant will now be able to prioritize the list of your task, depending on the time of day. The most important task will be kept on the top while others will be kept below. 

You will be able to see all the changes in Google Assistant’s snapshot, where the task will keep changing the order based on the time of day. The AI will learn from your past routine and will try to change the priority of the task accordingly. It will represent your previous priority of the task and check on how you have previously interacted with the Assistant. You can also get information like news, to-dos, and weather. For example, if you use the smartphone to read the newspaper, Google Assistant will keep it on priority at the beginning of the day. 

You will also get a recommendation from the assistant, regarding the suggested podcast, recipes, restaurants, etc. The Snapshot feature will show any events like birthday much before then it should be on and on the day of the event, you get the chance to call, text, or even sing a birthday song. Just saying “Show me my day” will show the complete snapshot of the day, making it easier for you to manage things.

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