Google to discontinue Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, even before the launch of Pixel 6 smartphone

Google is soon going to launch their new set of Pixel devices, which will be the Pixel 6 series. However, no one expected that with the launch of the new series, Google will be discontinuing the smartphones that were launched last year. Google has indicated that it will soon be discontinuing the Pixel 5 smartphone, which is their current flagship phone, along with Pixel 4a 5G. As per the details, the smartphones have been marked on the Google online store as sold out and only the retailers have the remaining stock until sold out. 

The discontinuation of Pixel 4a 5G was understood as Google will be launching the Pixel 5a 5G in a short period, which will be a perfect replacement for the smartphone. However, the discontinuation of the existing flagship is unusual, especially doing so even before the launch of the Pixel 6 series. Google has also confirmed that from now on they will be using the custom-built chipset for Pixel smartphones called Tensor. 

The chipset has been specially designed for Pixel devices only and will help to provide a much better performance and a set of features unique to them. If you still want to purchase the Pixel devices that have been discontinued, you can either try to buy the stock from a physical retail store or an e-commerce store until the stocks last. However, the decision has surely surprised the Pixel customers and as per experts, it has been done due to the use of custom chipset in the future Pixel devices. 

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