Google Doc crosses 1 Billion downloads on Google Play Store.

Google web applications have been one of the most popular platforms for people to work on their professional and personal projects. Among those, Google Docs and Sheets has been one of the more popular and also one of the most used in the market. As per the latest details, Google Docs has now completed more than 1 Billion downloads on the Play Store, showing how popular and useful the app has been for the users. We all know that Google is one of the biggest search engines in the world and the company wants to provide Google users multiple services and apps, which can be accessed under a single Google account. 

Also, professionals who use the Google platform have a large requirement for multiple tools, making Google Docs as one of the most used platforms and services by Google. Since the service is completely free to use and all the documents are saved on the cloud storage, it makes it much easier for people to access the docs from almost anywhere and any device. Due to this, the app has become more useful on Android phones to access the docs and create new ones. 

Google Docs took almost six years to make the download reach 1 Billion and that too when it is not a mandatory app with the Android OS. It is also suspected that the huge rise in the number of downloads is due to the fact that more and more people are working from home in the pandemic. An increase in the new platform of Google Workspace has also been one of the reasons for the increasing popularity. No matter what the reason is, the platform has become more and more useful for people working on online tools.


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