Google explain slow fingerprint sensor performance in Pixel 6 smartphones as enhanced security and protection

Google launched its Pixel series of smartphones last month and it comes with an extensive range of exclusive features. Although on the most part the phone works exceptionally well, it does have some shortfalls as well. One of the major issues that users have been facing with the Google Pixel 6 is the slow fingerprint sensor. The customers did not like the experience especially after spending so much on the latest premium smartphone from Google. However, Google has a specific reason as to why the fingerprint sensor is a bit slow.

As per them, the slow fingerprint sensor on the smartphone is due to the additional security that it provides. It is one issue that most of the customers have been taking up to the internet and other platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Although it is one of the most powerful smartphones by Google, the lack of speed on the fingerprint sensor has become very irritating for the customers. As per the reply on the user’s Tweet, Google has posted that the issue mainly arises due to the enhanced security algorithms where the added protection takes a little longer to process the fingerprint security.

If we consider this statement, then this is not a bug with the Pixel smartphone and we might expect Google to release an update in the future which could make the fingerprint sensor a bit faster. Till that time, it seems that the users are stuck with the mechanism and will have to stay with it. Many critics have also claimed that it is not a security enhancement but Google has been unable to implement fingerprint sensors on their smartphones properly, as none of the other smartphones from different companies have the same issue.


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