Google finally completes the worldwide shutdown of Google Play Music.

Google Play Music has been part of the Google Play platform for a long time. After the announcement of its closure in August, the companies made an announcement about its depreciating timeline. The shutdown continues today to remove the ability to buy music from the global Playstore market. As per Google, streaming has been one of the most popular services in the world right now and people often use it to view videos and music. In such cases, where streaming services are the new thing for media, the platform to buy songs will not reflect the choice of the users in today’s era. 

Although there are still platforms like iTunes and Amazon, who continue to provide songs for the user to buy, Google will now totally be focusing on streaming services and providing the media through it. Google Play music allowed the users to play music in GPM and buy them as well. Users could have purchased and downloaded the songs as MP3. For many devices, you will not be able to see the option of “Browse Music” in the Play Store and it will also lose the ability to stream music on the global platform. 

For people who have made purchases or have a certain playlist to upload, they can simply move the entire data to Youtube Music till December. After December, the entire data on the Google Play Music platform will completely be removed and you will have no second chances to restore it. It seems that it’s finally time to say goodbye to Google Play Music.

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