Google is facing a new antitrust case in India.

As per the latest report, Alphabet Inc’s Google is facing a new antitrust case in India, where Google is alleged to have abused its Android Operating system’s position in the smart TV market. This will be the fourth antitrust case against Google in India, where it is facing public criticism from local startups for change in policies and company charges. It is not the only problem the company is facing right now. Google is also facing an antitrust case in the US and even China is thinking about filing an antitrust probe against Google for dominance of its Android operating system to stifle competition. 

Google has obviously denied any of these allegations. The Competition Commission of India has been looking into the antitrust case since June and has been checking on the allegation that Google engages in anti-competitive practices which have created a problem for firms in creating a better and modified version of Android for smart TV. The same thing has also been done with Amazon’s Fire TV operating system and the company wants the same freedom to work on the Android operating system for smart TV. 

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The case has been filed by two Indian antitrust lawyers, Kshitiz Arya and Purushottam Anand. The CCI has asked Google to provide a written explanation of the allegation, where the company has requested more time to do so. The case also alleges Google’s agreement with Xiaomi and TCL which stops the companies from using the Android Operating system’s modified version on different devices. If any allegation is found to be true then the case could go for a wider investigation.


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