Google launches a new 5TB online disk subscription service

Google understands that cloud storage is the future of storage solutions without having the need of having a physical storage device. It is why they have recently introduced a new subscription service for Google One, which provides the user with 5TB of storage space on the network disk. Previously, Google One provided an option of 2TB and 10TB, now, they have provided a more suitable capacity of storage, who wanted more than 2TB of cloud space and less than 10TB. The subscription price of 5TB storage space has been kept at $24.99 per month or an annual fee of $249.99. 

The user will also get a 10% rebate after the purchase, which can be used on Google Store. The subscription not only provides the access to storage space on the network but also many other extra benefits such as the option to add a family account to the subscription and VPN service for Android smartphones. When we look at the competition, it might be more expensive than the others. 

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For example, Microsoft is offering 6TB of space at just $9.99 per month or $99 per year with almost the same kind of account features, which makes them a better value for money. Then again, it is backed up by the services of Google which is an added advantage in itself. If you are looking to get online storage space or cloud storage, then this could be a great option with loads of additional benefits. 


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