Google launches Threadit, a TikTok style work-related tool

We all know how popular TikTok has been around the world. Although the app has faced ban and block in a lot of different countries, that has not stopped other companies from providing customers with similar offerings. Now, Google has built new tools that are very similar to TikTok and are called Thread. However, the platform is not meant to be used like TikTok, in fact, it is meant to make remote working a lot more efficient. The platform allows the users to send small recorded videos to team members for communicating regarding work. 

As per Google, it would work as a great tool for people in work instead of e-mails and text and would also lead to more precise communication. It would also eradicate the need for live video communication and can help work employees across any time zone. Threadit can be used through the Google Chrome browser as a Chrome extension or simply in the browser as third party website. As per the official statement from Google, “Threadit helps you say and show more with a video message than with an email or chat. 

It can be used to show each other progress, ask questions, or request feedback without needing to coordinate schedules. It eliminates the need to host virtual meetings for small communications. It also gives users more time to think, do more focused work, and the eventual meetings that do take place are then more efficient.” Now users will be able to record short video messages and stitch them all together into one cohesive message. The video can be shared with people through a simple link.


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