Google Meet to add a new low light mode in the web version

Google Meet is trying to add new features to enhance the video quality on their video calling platform. Now, they have added a new low-light feature to the web version of the app as well. The announcement for the same was made through their blog post where they confirmed that the new low light feature will now be made available to the web version as it was already working on the application. The new feature uses AI to automatically adjust the video in such a way that the subject becomes a lot more clear in any kind of dark environment.

The feature was already present last year in the smartphone version of Google Meet, however, the same quality was not found in the web version. It’s not only the dark environment, but the AI will adjust the video in all kinds of conditions. If there is a natural or artificial light source behind you, you will detect it automatically and underexpose the brightness to increase the subject’s visibility. Google has been working on the same tech by making it better with the use of AI instead of hardware.

The same principle of making video and images better through software has also been used in their Pixel smartphone. Google claims that the new feature automatically starts working in the dark area as soon as you enter such a premise. It will adapt intelligently and make sure to increase the visibility to the maximum without any kind of distortion. The feature will be rolled out on Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and G Suite Business users. Also, it will be available to all the users globally within the next 15 days.

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