Google adds a new emergency video recording feature to their Personal Safety App

Google Pixel devices are known for their unique features that are provided by Google themselves and soon Google is going to launch the new series of Pixel devices this month. Google has been creating and developing new features and apps for their Pixel customers and has recently added another feature for Pixel smartphones. The new feature adds an emergency video recording mode to the Personal Safety app, which only works and has been designed for Pixel phones. The new feature allows the smartphone to record the video automatically when the user activates the built-in Emergency SOS. 

The feature can be found on the setting page of Personal Safety App settings and can be activated by pressing the power button five times. The phone would be capable of recording videos for 45 minutes once activated, however, the phone should have enough storage space for it to work. Once recorded, it will be backed up automatically to the Google Account for seven days. The video can also be sent to an Emergency contact using the app. 

YouTube video

While the recording is happening, the users will be able to use the phone with a minimized viewfinder and notification icon which shows that the recording is currently active. Apart from this feature, there are a lot of such Emergency SOS features that can be found in the Personal Safety app, like calling 911, playing an alarm, and sharing information through emergency contact. You can simply update the app and the feature will be visible to the users.

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