Google One app passes 100 million installs on PlayStore.

When it comes to the smartphone operating system, there is no doubt that Android takes the number one spot. Due to the same reason, the number of Android apps on the Play Store has been increasing. Apart from third-party apps, Google has been promoting their own apps as one of the primary tools and apps for everything. The default Google apps have always been the preference of the users due to the seamless integration with the Android operating system. 

Similarly, the management app from Google, Google One is one of the latest and popular applications from Google that has passed 100 million installs now. Before that, only Youtube Studio and Google Classroom have been able to achieve a feat like that. Google One provides a paid subscription that includes more cloud storage, direct customer support, credits for Play Store, and a lot more exclusive benefits. The App also comes pre-installed on a lot of devices due to which the download number has increased by a significant bit. 

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However, it is primarily used for subscription management and customer support, though it recently added a VPN feature. Also, the recent addition of new features and the features that are currently in development for Google One subscription has also made users install the application and subscribe to the services. The major increase in the downloads was also noticed during the time of pandemic when users were mostly working from home and using more and more cloud storage to share their work across locations.

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