Google Optimizes Chrome for Performance on High-End Devices

Google recently announced a new version of Chrome that promises considerable speed improvements. However, the update is only accessible for high-end devices, so low-end gadget owners are out of luck.
In a blog post, the Chrome team recently revealed how they optimized the current browser version for speed and efficiency. They have worked to improve caching and memory management to increase speed and overall performance.

While Chrome on Android has continuously been optimized for a compact footprint, the Android platform’s varied range of devices meant that some smartphones had higher capabilities than others. To address this, Google developed a Chrome version exclusively for high-end smartphones. This version prioritizes speed over size and maximizes performance.

To achieve this, the Chrome team optimized the widely used JS ‘Object.prototype.toString’ and ‘Array.prototype.join‘ functions. They also developed specialized fast pathways for parsing inner HTML.” Furthermore, the team discovered ways to save memory in both V8 and Oilpan by using pointer compression.

After running the browser through Apple’s Speedometer 2.1 benchmark, the company discovered that the enhancements and efficient pointer compression resulted in a 10% boost over three months. Google claims that the new version of the browser is now 30% quicker on supported devices. As a trade-off, the app file will take up more space on your phone.

Are you prepared to forego internal storage in exchange for a speedier Chrome experience? Please share your ideas in the comments area below.

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