Google Pixel 5a spotted on FCC listing

Google Pixel 5a has been spotted on FCC listing and more information about the hardware specs has been revealed through the same. The phone is expected to be launched very soon and the closer we are moving to the launch, the more details are coming out. As per the previously leaked details of the Pixel 5a, the phone will be powered by 5G technology and will have two variants, one with 5G and one without. 

The specs that have already been leaked out previously, claim that the phone will be powered using the Snapdragon 780G processor, which is the successor to the popular Snapdragon 765 which was used in the Pixel 4a 5G smartphone. When it comes to the design, we can expect a lot of similarities between the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5a. In fact, the leaked images a while back showing that the new smartphone is almost identical to the previous generation smartphone. 

The FCC listing shows three different smartphone models from Google, however, there is no confirmation as to which smartphones they can be as only Pixel 5a is due for launch right now. Also, the listing for the other two smartphones does not reveal any other information about the same. Now all are waiting for Google to announce the date for the launch of the new Pixel smartphone as it is expected that Google will be making some other announcement related to smartphones and services as well. We can also expect more leaks to appear for the smartphone in the future.

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