Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro color options leaked

Google Pixel 6 series is about to launch in the month of October and the expected date for the same is October 19. However, the phone will not be available for sale before October 28. The launch seems to be almost confirmed on these dates and just before that a new set of leaks have appeared online which confirms the color option the phone is set to come in.  As per the leaked details from YouTuber M. Brandon Lee, the phone Google Pixel 6 will be launched at an expected price of EUR 649 and the Pro variant will launch at EUR 899. 

There are currently no details on the pricing of the smartphone in other markets. As per the reports, the Pixel 6 will be released in two colors which will be Carbon and Fog, which would basically be black and green color. The Pro variant of the smartphone will be available only in one color, which is expected to be black. Leakster expects Google to launch three different variants of Google Pixel 6 and a single variant of the Pro version. 

The launch date seems to match the previous leaks that have appeared online and it seems that only a couple of weeks remain for the same. Google has been really hushed about the details of the smartphone but we do expect that more details of the smartphone will be out before the launch date arrives. It will be the first smartphone by the company which will be powered using the Tensor chipset.


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