Google Pixel 6 “ghost call” bug fixed in the new update

A while back Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users reported an issue where the phone automatically made calls through Google Assistant. The issue made Google Assistant automatically make random calls to people from the contact list. The issue was reported to Google and they have now released a fix for the same through an update. The update brings the fix to the pre-loaded apps on Google Pixel 6 series. Also, the company has recently added a heart rate tracking feature to the smartphone with an update.

The ghost calling a bug, as reported by the Pixel community manager has been fixed through an update on Google App version 12.43.18 and later, which is now also available for download. The bug was discovered soon after the launch of the Pixel 6 series where the phone automatically made calls to contact even when it was not in use. The reason behind it is stated as mishearing sounds by Google Assistant, such as “Hey Google ” and making random phone calls.

Some users also resolved the issue by manually disabling the Google Assistant on lock screen feature which makes Google Assistant unresponsive when the phone is locked and not in use. If you have been facing the issue with the new Pixel 6 series, it is advised that you should update the Google App to the latest version immediately, and once updated, enable the Google Assistant feature on the lock screen as well. The update is now available on the Play Store to download and install.


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