Google Pixel 8: A Closer Look at Wireless Charging Capabilities

Carrying the GKWS6 model number, the smaller Pixel 8 passed through the WPC to receive its Qi charging approval. The listing makes it clear Google’s upcoming compact flagship will support a maximum wireless charging speed of 12W, the same as the Pixel 7. It also confirms support for Qi charging version 1.2.4, which is not the Qi2 standard (via 9to5Google).

With the Pixel Stand 2, the Pixel 7 can reach a peak wireless charging speed of 20W. Presumably, Google could offer a similar boost on the Pixel 8 when its proprietary charging stand is used.
The Pixel 8 Pro has not yet passed the Wireless Power Consortium. Google might offer Qi2 support on the bigger Pixel, though the chances are relatively slim.

While Qi2 might not seem like a significant upgrade, it allows Android manufacturers to add MagSafe to their phones, making wireless charging much more convenient daily. It also makes connecting additional accessories or mounts to your phone much easier. Thankfully, MagSafe adapters are available for popular Android phones that bring almost the same level of convenience to your existing phone. So, if you plan to get the Pixel 8 but are bummed about the possible lack of Qi2 support, you can use one such adapter.

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