Google Play Store delays a mandatory 30% commission policy until April 2022 in India.

A few days ago Google applied a new change in their Play Store policy which pushed the developers to give a 30% commission cut for every in-app purchase through their app. The change in the policy was not taken in a good way by the Indian digital community and many known names and new startups grouped together to find ways against this problem and also to find an alternative to Google Play Store. These companies also stated their concern to Google as it could seriously harm the growth of new companies and developers that have just started and paid 30% would not be good for their growing business. 

Now, as per the recent news, Google is postponing the enforcement of this policy on Playstore until April 2022, which would ease the norms for app developers again. The change came after more than 150 startups in the world’s second-largest internet market forged an informal coalition to express concerns over the 30% charge the Android-maker plans to mandate on its store. Google says that they have been meeting up with Indian Startups to know more about their concerns and how they could be resolved.

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They will also be setting up Policy Workshops to help the startups clear any doubt and questions. Due to this, the time has been extended for App developers in India to integrate with the new Billing system from Google. Also, it would provide them enough time to implement UPI for subscription payment options. It’s not just the startups that showed concern over Google’s new policy, but it was also some of the known companies like Paytm, payments processor Razorpay, Dream11, ShareChat, and business e-commerce IndiaMART.

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