Google Play Store removes Parler app, popular among Trump supporters, amid the US Capitol violence

Ever since the attack in the US by Trump supporters, companies and people have been trying to break their engagement with anything related to Donald Trump. In the same trend, Google has recently removed the app called Parler, which is a social media app popular among the Trump supporters on Google Play Store. As per the official statement from Google, “They require social media apps to have content moderation policies that remove posts that incite violence, and that posts on Parler were encouraging further violence after the U.S. Capitol riot earlier this week.” 

The app removal was a direct consequence of violence at the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters on Wednesday that left five people dead. Google has recently renewed the calls for social media and technology companies to closely moderate the platform and check for any calls that incite violence. In the same way, Twitter has also banned the Official Twitter account of Donald Trump forever as the recent tweets from the account were known to incite violence. 

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Many screenshots have also become viral and have been posted on News channels where they post on the app Parlor shows references to firing squads and calls to bring weapons to the presidential inauguration later this month. Google has also confirmed that they have already warned the app about the contents earlier this year as well. As per Parler CEO John Matze, the app does not have censorship and people can say anything they want to openly. The app is still accessible through the web from where it can be downloaded. It is also suspected that even Apple is planning to remove the app from its platform.


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