Google to provide details about nearest vaccination center and provide free vaccination to low and middle-income group countries

When it comes to helping people digitally in the time of Covid-19, Google has tried to make its presence felt in the most helpful way. Now, the search giant is adding another feature for the common people so that they can easily search and find places where they could get the vaccination. Since it is not easy for everyone to search for the location of vaccination and book an appointment, Google is trying to make things a lot easier for them. 

The feature will be rolled out both on the Search Engine and Maps, where the user will simply have to type “COVID-19 vaccine location” and it will show all the nearest vaccination centers available near the user. Also, on the left side, the users will get an option of “Where to get it“, clicking on which will reveal the information about all the nearest centers where you can go for the vaccine. It is not the only thing Google has been doing to help people across the world. Google has also pledged that it will be providing 250k vaccination in countries with low to middle levels of income. 

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At the same time, they will also be funding the pop-up vaccination sites in the US. Google will also be providing an Ads grant on their platform to the government, which will be worth $250 million. It seems like Google is adding a lot of effort during this time of the pandemic, especially after the number of cases has suddenly started to rise again throughout the world.

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