Google Smart Displays come with new UI features and a new dark mode.

Google Assistant smart displays are a great device from Google, where you can view all the information and use the device directly through voice commands. Whether it’s the smart display of Google or their speakers and other products, Google has been able to settle in every home in a piece of advanced hardware. In the same series, Google’s smart displays play a very important role in a household, where it can be used as the centerpiece for maintaining the security of the home and controlling other Google-powered smart devices. 

These smart displays are not only meant for that but also to watch media and make video calls. Ever since the brands have been offering itself-branded smart displays in the market in the form of Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, they have been trying to make the display better by adding a lot of UI features to the devices. Following the same approach, the company will not be adding a new “visual experience” to the device with a new UI and other features. The new touch-centric UI will sum up all the relevant information for the day on a single screen. 

It will also have a Media Tab which will allow you to view media and similar content. Also, the Home Control page in the UI will let you control all the Google Assistant-enabled devices more easily. You can immediately contact anyone through video calls on Zoom, schedule meetings, send messages, etc. It will also be adding a new Dark Mode on the smart display with a re-design feature that is already available on Android-powered smartphones.

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