Google to ban certain dating apps and make changes in Google Play policies

You might have gone through many dating apps that are available on the Google Play store for download and installation, but you might not see many from today. Google has recently announced that it will be removing and banning many “Sugar Dating” apps on the Play Store due to a revision in its policies. As per them, the changes and ban will take place from September 1 onwards. The changes in the policies were all related to the restrictions on sexual content that many of such apps were displaying to the user. 

Google will now be reviewing all these apps once again to make sure that none of these apps are showing such content. It will not only help the company to apply strict compliance policies but also will also make sure that only allowed content is displayed on the app. All the changes in the policy have been shared by the company through the support page on Google Play Console. It shows a complete list of changes the policies will have and ban on apps that deal with “compensated sexual relationships“. 

Apart from these changes, the company will also be making changes to its Family policy requirements, where it will be checking apps that are specifically designed to target children on the platform. Also, a developer account that has not remained active for more than a year will also be disabled and removed. Google has made changes in almost all of their policies apart from these as well which will be applied in stages in September

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